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Got A BlackBerry…Join MyBlackBerry!

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Everyone seems to be touched by the community syndrome – Social networking is the way to go for the marketing think-tanks….

So, all the Blackberry lovers would be doubly pleased to know that its official – A community for BlackBerry owners…



You can join MyBlackBerry at its official website

So, will it help BB to grow its base – or to create more Brand ambassadors…may be.

But, one thing  which all of the Product promoters would agree is that its a ‘Smart move’.


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July 15, 2009 at 11:20 am

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Nobody wants to pay for MS Word anymore…MS Office 2010

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Cloud…SAAS…Microsoft 2010!

An unlikely peek into MS 2010 clearly shows a change in the direction – Desk top to Web applications.
Redmond intends to push the cloud-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Considering the market share of MS in the Office based applications, the shift towrads the web-based versions should send the alarm bells ringing.


Of particular interest will be the Google’s response to the new Web applications of Microsoft. Should Zoho, Google Docs and other SaaS providers be concerned about their new challenge during the recession?

Well, they should, considering the market share of Microsoft and its capacity to market its product in the most innovative ways..

We look forward to MS Office 2010…Nobody wants to pay for Word anymore.

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July 14, 2009 at 12:12 pm

A true “Green Weather Station”

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Size does matter but in this case – This mini weather station from Oregon Scientific does pack a Solar punch….

Run on Solar Power, +ECO Clima Control weather station, offers essential timing and weather functions in a very eco-friendly setup.


  • +ECO Clima Control is equipped with a built-in solar panel
  • Powered by the sun
  • Allows its users to monitor the current temperature and humidity in up to four locations within the home and outdoors
  • Uses remote wireless temperature and humidity sensors
  • It has an 8-hour charge period
  • This 8 hour charge will let  +ECO Clima Control operate for up to three months before another charge is needed


“We are excited to introduce our first solar-powered weather station into our ever-growing line of Oregon Scientific household products,” said Mike Prager, President of Oregon Scientific, US. “We are committed to exploring alternative sources of energy to power our products, and will continue to look for new innovations to serve our consumers.”

Pricing & Availability

  • The +ECO Clima Control has a suggested retail price of $119.99
  • Available at available for purchase at

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July 8, 2009 at 5:22 am

iPoint 3D – Remote Interactions with 3D Displays

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Seems like we are in a re-take shot of a Sci-Fi movie. Nope. You are one of the early users of  iPoint 3D..

Fraunhofer, the creators of  iPoint 3D plans to show off the technology at next month’s CeBIT show, and say its uses could range from business purposes to gaming.

This device enables  an interaction with your 3D Display using your hand gestures.


So how does this work?

  • iPoint 3D uses a device roughly the size of a keyboard and is placed either on the ceiling or on a table below the hands.
  • There are two firewire cameras that monitor hand motions, which is then relayed back to the display.
  • Thus our gestures are captured by these cameras and which transmits the signal back to the 3D Display


iPoint 3D enables you to use your fingers as remote control - digital camera and photography newsThe »iPoint 3D« allows people to communicate with a 3-D display through simple gestures – without touching it and without 3-D glasses or a data glove. What until now has only been seen in science fiction films will be presented at CeBIT from March 3-8 by experts from the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, HHI (Hall 9, Stand B36).

»The heart of iPoint 3D is a recognition device, not much larger than a keyboard, that can be suspended from the ceiling above the user or integrated in a coffee table. Its two built-in cameras detect hands and fingers in real time and transmit the information to a computer,« says Paul Chojecki, a research scientist at the HHI, explaining the technology. The system responds instantly, as soon as someone in front of the screen moves their hands. No physical contact or special markers are involved. The small device is equipped with two FireWire cameras – inexpensive, off-the-shelf video cameras that are easy to install.

In addition to its obvious appeal to video gamers, iPoint 3D can also be useful in a living room or office, or even in a hospital operating room, or as part of an interactive information system. »Since the interaction is entirely contactless, the system is ideal for scenarios where contact between the user and the system is not possible or not allowed, such as in an operating room,« Chojecki says. The HHI invention can thus be used not only to control a display but also as a means of controlling other devices or appliances. Someone kneading pastry in the kitchen, whose hands are covered in dough, can turn down the boiling potatoes by waving a finger without leaving sticky marks on the stove. In an office, for example, an architect can peruse the latest set of construction drawings and view them from all angles by gesture control. The finger is the remote control of the future.

The researchers from Berlin will be presenting iPoint 3D at CeBIT, the trade fair for information and communication technologies, in Hanover from March 3-8 (Hall 9, Stand B36).

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March 1, 2009 at 4:41 am

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Nanoleaves from SolarBotanic …Man’s quest for renewable energy

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Using cutting edge materials and proven technology to harvest energy from the sun and wind, the company has been granted patents and has patents pending covering Biomimicry, Nanoleaf Technology,Energy transfer materials and process, and has moved past proof of concept criteria as required by investor groups. Solar Botanic has received approaches from different Government bodies who will provide advanced Research and Development facilities and interested investor groups. The company is now looking to select final business partners for investment, R&D, manufacturing, distribution and marketing from organisations with relevant specialist knowledge and sector understanding.”

blog-forest-040SolarBotanic will introduce artificial trees that make use of renewable energy from the sun and wind, they are an efficient clean and environmentally sound means of collecting solar radiation and wind energy.

What is Biomimicry ?

Bimimicry is the concept  of simulating the nature’s process of generating energy.

The trees are fitted with Nanoleaves, a combination of Nano photovoltaic- Nanothermovoltaic and Nanopiezo generators converting light, heat and wind energy into green electricity.

Depending on size and location, a tree can produce between 2000 and 12,000 kWh per year.


  • The essential element in this technology is Solar Botanic’s artificial leaf (Nanoleaf) which captures the sun’s radiant energy in photo voltaic and thermo voltaic cells converting the radiation into electricity.
  • Simultaneously as the wind blows the layers of voltaic material in the stems, twigs and branches are moved, compressed and stretched, creating electricity.
  • Thus as the sun shines, the winds blow and the rain falls, millions of micro circuits are activated, each making its contribution to the electrical energy of the tree.


An average tree with a canopy of about 6 sq metres can create enough energy to provide for the needs of an average household.

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March 1, 2009 at 4:01 am

Bamboo Peripherals from Micro innovations – Are they really green?

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Micro innovations deserves Kudos for advancing the cause of Bamboo in the Electronic Industry..

The question is – Are they really Green gadgets? Bamboo trees are a great source of green foliage and they have a great advantage for th low cost housing industry in less advanced nations. So why spend this precious natural resource in our home theater systems.


Answer – No. In any sense.

Technology wise, these products are of mediocre quality and quite average in looks too. But, some of us who are obsessed with anything wood might be convinced to have them.

Pricing: Cheaper than the standard Electronics.

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February 13, 2009 at 9:10 am

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Wasabi Ultramobile Photo Printer – Zero Ink printer. I am serious!

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ZINK – That’s what Dell has named this pockety printer!

Surprised? That’ true. This ultramobile printer does not need ink for your memories to come alive.

Economy and efficiency at its best. Way to go Dell. Looking forward to a Wasabi. Can’t wait to make my first scrap book while i am traveling & printing.



Its small design and ease of use allows you to print anywhere and everywhere.

  • Print without wires using Bluetooth®
  • Holds up to 12 sheets of adhesive-backed paper
  • Never run out of ink because there is no ink (Zero InkTM paper required.)

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February 13, 2009 at 8:33 am

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