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Crayon Physics Deluxe – A worthy sequel!

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Crayon Physics Deluxe – Simplicity at its best!

Crayon Physics,” a child’s imaginative canvas has got its sequel..

The major emphasis of Crayon Physics Deluxe is on simplicity..

“Crayon Physics Deluxe” builds upon its predecessor with several new features, including pins that can be used to anchor swinging hammers and other items, and ropes for pulling objects.


The original “Crayon Physics”  did create a lot of curiosity in the game circle. The amazing thing is the  ease and quick time frame  in which the Finnish computer science student Petri Purho created the Crayon Physics.

Pricing & Availability

A free demo version of the game is available for download for Windows users from The full version, with more features and more than 70 levels, is available for $19.95

Other Downloads..
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