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Swine-Flu Resistent Suit

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Swine-Flu Resistent Suit — For Men Only…

Who says women cannot wear men’s clothes, especially when it comes to keeping the Swine-Flu at bay. The whole world is sick (literally) of this H1N1 virus and the scare this is able to generate. The vaccines might take their own time coming out in the market, in the meanwhile any other method of preventing the Swine-Flu virus can attract our attention. The H1N1 virus has no barriers (geographical or sexual), and without any choice has just gone wild; no wonder the H1N1 virus is also called the ‘Zoonotic Swine-flu’.


Encountering this killer on the rampage, a Japanese clothing company, the Haruyama Trading Company has developed a men’s (only) suit that is supposedly to ward off the H1N1 virus. This suit is coated with titanium di-oxide (a popular ingredient in our sunscreen lotions and toothpastes) which reacts in sunlight and is able to kill the virus. We are working on many ways to keep this virus away, and who knows who may try what else.

Actually, it is not our fabric covered skin through which the virus gains entry into our system. It is only through our nose and our mouth that can give way to the virus to cause havoc.  The only consolation this suit can provide is that it does not give space to the virus to relax. This fabric is able to kill and destroy the H1N1 virus immediately on contact. Frankly, instead of the suit fabric being coated with titanium di-oxide, we would be better off putting the same application on our masks. We would be wiser to catch the culprit at entry point, rather than go looking for them at railway stations and bus-stops.

No one knows how far this will work, but what the hell; with the scare and the potential danger it sells. If you are around Japan, grab one for $580 a piece, and nobody can stop women from giving this a try. Who knows, even fashions change with times.


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October 12, 2009 at 10:04 am

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64GB SDXC – The world’s fastest memory card from Toshiba..

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Toshiba has mastered the NAND flash memory technology for sure. 2 days back it announced the world’s first 64GB SDXC Memory Card1 with the world’s fastest data transfer rate. While announcing the super-fast monster, 2 new memory cards with 32GB & 16GB memory was also showcased. The first sample shipments are expected in the following timeframe – SDXC Memory Cards for OEM manufacturers will start this November, and of the new SDHC Memory Cards in December.

While the SDXC and SDHC memory cards can boast as the ‘world’s first memory cards compliant with the SD Memory Card Standard Ver. 3.00, UHS104’ – What this means to the user is an super-fast read and write speed to NAND flash based memory cards. In other words, a maximum write speed of 35MB per second, and a read speed of 60MB per second.


Image credit:

This is a great news for media companies and enthusiasts alike, as it supports their ever increasing demand for a higher memory and a great data transfer rate. Kudos to Toshiba for raising the bar in NAND memory segment.


Outline of New SD Memory Cards

1. SDXC card

Product Name Capacity Maximum
Price Start of sample
Start of
mass production
SDXC Memory
64GB Read:


Open Nov, 2009 Spring, 2010

2. SDHC cards

Product Name Capacity Maximum
Price Start of sample
Start of
mass production
SDHC Memory
32GB Read:


Open Jan, 2010 Spring, 2010
SDHC Memory
16GB Read:


Open Dec, 2009 Spring, 2010

Note: Product names above are for the Japanese market.

Key Features

(1)SDXC Memory Card realizes the 64GB capacity, the largest capacity yet available in the market.
(2)Supports UHS104, a new ultra high speed SD interface, and the highest standard in the new SD Memory Card Standard Ver. 3.00, which provides 104MB per sec. bus speed in the SD interface. It realizes a maximum write speed of 35MB per second and a read speed of 60MB per second.
(3)UHS 104 provides the conventional SD interfaces, 3.3V DS (25MHz)/ HS (50MHz), and new SDHC Memory Cards with UHS104 are interoperable with existing SDHC host devices.
(4)SDXC Memory Cards are interoperable only with an SDXC host that implements the exFAT file system. It cannot interface with SD or SDHC hosts.
(5)Integrates highly secure CPRM copy protection technology.

Source: Toshiba Corp.

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August 6, 2009 at 6:06 pm

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World’s 1st Digital Still Camera with “Exmor R” sensor technology – Sony

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Its another first for Sony and i am sure so many amateur and professional photographers will be looking to see this press release from the Sony Stable.


Sony unveiled new Cyber-shot® cameras (DSC-TX1 and DSC-WX1 models) which are loaded with “Exmor R” sensor technology – enabling almost double the performance benefits and sensistivity in low light conditions , when compared to regular CMOS sensors.

So what does it mean to the Camera buyer in Best Buy?

[a] Enhanced image clarity in low-light conditions
[b] The grain density is drastically reduced with “Exmor R” sensor technology
[c] TX1 and WX1 cameras incorporate the hand-held twilight and anti-motion blur multi-shot modes introduced in Sony’s breakthrough Cyber-shot DSC-HX1
[d] The above modes can capture 6 separate images in less than a second (enabled by “Exmor R” sensor technology) and utilize Sony’s BIONZ™ processor to combine the shots
into a single image of amazing finesse and quality.
[e] The new “Exmor R” enabled compact cameras include Sony’s Sweep Panorama and 10 frames per second burst shooting features, which were introduced with the Sony® DSC-HX1 camera
[f] Because of the faster image capture due to “Exmor R” sensors, taking landscape mode pictures is a 2 button function – “press and sweep.” Sweep Panorama mode lets you reach beyond the traditional wide-angle lens.
[g] The TX1 and WX1 Cyber-shot models can take up to 185 and 256-degree panorama shots respectively in one easy press-and-sweep motion with an image size of 7152 x 1080 (ultra wide horizontal).
[h] 3-inch Clear Photo LCD Plus™ display
[i] TX1 camera lets you focus as little as 0.4 inches from your subject – for an extremely ‘close & personal’ close-up shot.
[j] These cameras also include Pet mode – minimizes blur when shooting moving petsand also reduces glowing pet red-eye.
[k] These twin powerhouses can record HD movies in 720p high definition MPEG4

“With these new “Exmor R” CMOS sensor cameras, Sony has vastly improved the customer experience for taking pictures with digital still cameras in low-light scenarios,” said Phil Lubell, director of the digital imaging business at Sony Electronics. “We’ve all taken pictures in dimly lit situations, like blowing out candles on a birthday cake, and the results were grainy and unclear. By redesigning the way these cameras capture light, Sony is leading the industry by creating this easy way to take amazingly clear, vibrant photos in low lighting scenarios.”


Pricing and Availability

  • The TX1 camera will be available in silver, gray, pink and blue this September for about $380.
  • The WX1 camera will be available in black this October for about $350.
  • To be made available at


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August 6, 2009 at 12:12 pm

Apple’s Internet Tablet – To be verified from Verizon..

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Apple’s resilience in the stock market is often coupled with stunning product announcements. This one from the rumor hill has sent fresh vibes over the net – ‘Almost’ trusted sources have proclaimed a joint venture between Apple & Verizon – to create an Internet tablet which might come at a subsidized rate for Verizon subscribers.

Image credit: appletablet1

This unsubstantiated scoop is strengthened by none other than Intel’s Manging Director for Central Europe, Hannes Schwaderer

So, How will it look like?

Image credit:


….Its said that it will be a larger version of iPhone…
….Will use Intel’s Atom processor….
….It is targeted for a product category called MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices)….
….I-Tablet will have built-in EVDO abilities….

Image credit: tablet4

So, there you have it – a few trails from the Apple closet – We will be hot on this trail as we get more details..So be on the look-out.

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July 24, 2009 at 1:32 pm

Mobile phones to diagnose diseases…

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Man is on the move and so are the viruses – making the on-spot detection and diagnosis of ailments an impossibility.

Imagine if we had a mobile diagnosis equipment for Swine Flu (H1N1)..What if we had a pocket diagnostic gadget for malaria…Could the world have been a safer place if we had a diagnostic equipment for malaria at every gas station and departmental store…


Image Credit:


Not to mention an in-home cardiac-attack detection equipment.

But, we have a lot of encouraging news from the world of Gadgets and its heartening to know that technology makers are thinking beyond just the entertainment angle…Kudos to these scientists and technocrats who have given a humanitarian angle to their inventions.

A futuristic mobile concept…

Cellphone with a Braille keypad
Designer Serghei Tanas needs to be heard by big shot mobile manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Nokia …. Tanas has an eye for the deaf and blind users of cell phone and for that – the Keyboard designed by him resembles Braille keypad and a sensory ring with surface scanners, which will enable the blind to use the phone like any regular phone..Way to go.


Image Credit:

And to make life easier for the special users – the Tanas cell phone has large screen to allow the impaired navigate easily and efficiently …

CellScope…The microscopic camera

Now medically beneficial detailed images can be taken by a regular cell phone with camera features – just by attaching an Add-on to your camera. With this appendage, your cellphone (CellScope) works as a so-called fluorescence microscope that can identify the markers of disease.


Image Credit:

“Fluorescence occurs when certain molecules are illuminated with a certain colour and “shine” for a period in a different colour.Fluorescent “tagging” molecules can be specially designed to latch on to, for instance, the bacteria that are a sign of tuberculosis (TB).

This should be a harbinger of similar inventions which can be spun off by utilizing the the most commonly used gadgets …

Image Credit:

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July 22, 2009 at 6:29 am

Got A BlackBerry…Join MyBlackBerry!

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Everyone seems to be touched by the community syndrome – Social networking is the way to go for the marketing think-tanks….

So, all the Blackberry lovers would be doubly pleased to know that its official – A community for BlackBerry owners…



You can join MyBlackBerry at its official website

So, will it help BB to grow its base – or to create more Brand ambassadors…may be.

But, one thing  which all of the Product promoters would agree is that its a ‘Smart move’.

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July 15, 2009 at 11:20 am

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Nobody wants to pay for MS Word anymore…MS Office 2010

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Cloud…SAAS…Microsoft 2010!

An unlikely peek into MS 2010 clearly shows a change in the direction – Desk top to Web applications.
Redmond intends to push the cloud-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Considering the market share of MS in the Office based applications, the shift towrads the web-based versions should send the alarm bells ringing.


Of particular interest will be the Google’s response to the new Web applications of Microsoft. Should Zoho, Google Docs and other SaaS providers be concerned about their new challenge during the recession?

Well, they should, considering the market share of Microsoft and its capacity to market its product in the most innovative ways..

We look forward to MS Office 2010…Nobody wants to pay for Word anymore.

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July 14, 2009 at 12:12 pm