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Swine-Flu Resistent Suit

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Swine-Flu Resistent Suit — For Men Only…

Who says women cannot wear men’s clothes, especially when it comes to keeping the Swine-Flu at bay. The whole world is sick (literally) of this H1N1 virus and the scare this is able to generate. The vaccines might take their own time coming out in the market, in the meanwhile any other method of preventing the Swine-Flu virus can attract our attention. The H1N1 virus has no barriers (geographical or sexual), and without any choice has just gone wild; no wonder the H1N1 virus is also called the ‘Zoonotic Swine-flu’.


Encountering this killer on the rampage, a Japanese clothing company, the Haruyama Trading Company has developed a men’s (only) suit that is supposedly to ward off the H1N1 virus. This suit is coated with titanium di-oxide (a popular ingredient in our sunscreen lotions and toothpastes) which reacts in sunlight and is able to kill the virus. We are working on many ways to keep this virus away, and who knows who may try what else.

Actually, it is not our fabric covered skin through which the virus gains entry into our system. It is only through our nose and our mouth that can give way to the virus to cause havoc.  The only consolation this suit can provide is that it does not give space to the virus to relax. This fabric is able to kill and destroy the H1N1 virus immediately on contact. Frankly, instead of the suit fabric being coated with titanium di-oxide, we would be better off putting the same application on our masks. We would be wiser to catch the culprit at entry point, rather than go looking for them at railway stations and bus-stops.

No one knows how far this will work, but what the hell; with the scare and the potential danger it sells. If you are around Japan, grab one for $580 a piece, and nobody can stop women from giving this a try. Who knows, even fashions change with times.


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October 12, 2009 at 10:04 am

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