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World’s 1st Digital Still Camera with “Exmor R” sensor technology – Sony

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Its another first for Sony and i am sure so many amateur and professional photographers will be looking to see this press release from the Sony Stable.


Sony unveiled new Cyber-shot® cameras (DSC-TX1 and DSC-WX1 models) which are loaded with “Exmor R” sensor technology – enabling almost double the performance benefits and sensistivity in low light conditions , when compared to regular CMOS sensors.

So what does it mean to the Camera buyer in Best Buy?

[a] Enhanced image clarity in low-light conditions
[b] The grain density is drastically reduced with “Exmor R” sensor technology
[c] TX1 and WX1 cameras incorporate the hand-held twilight and anti-motion blur multi-shot modes introduced in Sony’s breakthrough Cyber-shot DSC-HX1
[d] The above modes can capture 6 separate images in less than a second (enabled by “Exmor R” sensor technology) and utilize Sony’s BIONZ™ processor to combine the shots
into a single image of amazing finesse and quality.
[e] The new “Exmor R” enabled compact cameras include Sony’s Sweep Panorama and 10 frames per second burst shooting features, which were introduced with the Sony® DSC-HX1 camera
[f] Because of the faster image capture due to “Exmor R” sensors, taking landscape mode pictures is a 2 button function – “press and sweep.” Sweep Panorama mode lets you reach beyond the traditional wide-angle lens.
[g] The TX1 and WX1 Cyber-shot models can take up to 185 and 256-degree panorama shots respectively in one easy press-and-sweep motion with an image size of 7152 x 1080 (ultra wide horizontal).
[h] 3-inch Clear Photo LCD Plus™ display
[i] TX1 camera lets you focus as little as 0.4 inches from your subject – for an extremely ‘close & personal’ close-up shot.
[j] These cameras also include Pet mode – minimizes blur when shooting moving petsand also reduces glowing pet red-eye.
[k] These twin powerhouses can record HD movies in 720p high definition MPEG4

“With these new “Exmor R” CMOS sensor cameras, Sony has vastly improved the customer experience for taking pictures with digital still cameras in low-light scenarios,” said Phil Lubell, director of the digital imaging business at Sony Electronics. “We’ve all taken pictures in dimly lit situations, like blowing out candles on a birthday cake, and the results were grainy and unclear. By redesigning the way these cameras capture light, Sony is leading the industry by creating this easy way to take amazingly clear, vibrant photos in low lighting scenarios.”


Pricing and Availability

  • The TX1 camera will be available in silver, gray, pink and blue this September for about $380.
  • The WX1 camera will be available in black this October for about $350.
  • To be made available at



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August 6, 2009 at 12:12 pm

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