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Mobile phones to diagnose diseases…

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Man is on the move and so are the viruses – making the on-spot detection and diagnosis of ailments an impossibility.

Imagine if we had a mobile diagnosis equipment for Swine Flu (H1N1)..What if we had a pocket diagnostic gadget for malaria…Could the world have been a safer place if we had a diagnostic equipment for malaria at every gas station and departmental store…


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Not to mention an in-home cardiac-attack detection equipment.

But, we have a lot of encouraging news from the world of Gadgets and its heartening to know that technology makers are thinking beyond just the entertainment angle…Kudos to these scientists and technocrats who have given a humanitarian angle to their inventions.

A futuristic mobile concept…

Cellphone with a Braille keypad
Designer Serghei Tanas needs to be heard by big shot mobile manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Nokia …. Tanas has an eye for the deaf and blind users of cell phone and for that – the Keyboard designed by him resembles Braille keypad and a sensory ring with surface scanners, which will enable the blind to use the phone like any regular phone..Way to go.


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And to make life easier for the special users – the Tanas cell phone has large screen to allow the impaired navigate easily and efficiently …

CellScope…The microscopic camera

Now medically beneficial detailed images can be taken by a regular cell phone with camera features – just by attaching an Add-on to your camera. With this appendage, your cellphone (CellScope) works as a so-called fluorescence microscope that can identify the markers of disease.


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“Fluorescence occurs when certain molecules are illuminated with a certain colour and “shine” for a period in a different colour.Fluorescent “tagging” molecules can be specially designed to latch on to, for instance, the bacteria that are a sign of tuberculosis (TB).

This should be a harbinger of similar inventions which can be spun off by utilizing the the most commonly used gadgets …

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July 22, 2009 at 6:29 am

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