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Nanoleaves from SolarBotanic …Man’s quest for renewable energy

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Using cutting edge materials and proven technology to harvest energy from the sun and wind, the company has been granted patents and has patents pending covering Biomimicry, Nanoleaf Technology,Energy transfer materials and process, and has moved past proof of concept criteria as required by investor groups. Solar Botanic has received approaches from different Government bodies who will provide advanced Research and Development facilities and interested investor groups. The company is now looking to select final business partners for investment, R&D, manufacturing, distribution and marketing from organisations with relevant specialist knowledge and sector understanding.”

blog-forest-040SolarBotanic will introduce artificial trees that make use of renewable energy from the sun and wind, they are an efficient clean and environmentally sound means of collecting solar radiation and wind energy.

What is Biomimicry ?

Bimimicry is the concept  of simulating the nature’s process of generating energy.

The trees are fitted with Nanoleaves, a combination of Nano photovoltaic- Nanothermovoltaic and Nanopiezo generators converting light, heat and wind energy into green electricity.

Depending on size and location, a tree can produce between 2000 and 12,000 kWh per year.


  • The essential element in this technology is Solar Botanic’s artificial leaf (Nanoleaf) which captures the sun’s radiant energy in photo voltaic and thermo voltaic cells converting the radiation into electricity.
  • Simultaneously as the wind blows the layers of voltaic material in the stems, twigs and branches are moved, compressed and stretched, creating electricity.
  • Thus as the sun shines, the winds blow and the rain falls, millions of micro circuits are activated, each making its contribution to the electrical energy of the tree.


An average tree with a canopy of about 6 sq metres can create enough energy to provide for the needs of an average household.


Written by hermit

March 1, 2009 at 4:01 am

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