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LiveSpeakR iPod / iPhone sound system – A tiny monster!

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Ideas to conception is the biggest barrier to sucess..and a lot was discussed about LiveSpeakR.

Not many were sure whether LiveSpeakR can everr get off the drawing board..But, it did and quite frankly taken everybody by surprise by the sheer power of its acoustics. Audio spinning is possible both horizontally & vertically..

All the critics involved in the review process found the audio quality to be surprisingly nice, with them even being “astonished that such a big sound was produced by such a small speaker system.” As expected, bass notes were a bit hush-hush, but reviewers did appreciate the RF shielding that enabled iPhones to remain on while not introducing buzz.


Pricing & Availability

Wait for the first shipment notice.

MRP. – $129.99 (sale price of $99.99).


Written by hermit

February 13, 2009 at 8:07 am

Posted in Acoustics

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