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Service Cloud – Next Generation Customer service…A peep!

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Service Cloud – The logical Customer service..

Salesforce on Thursday rolled out its next-generation solution for customer service.

Service Cloud is a next generation blend of & Cloud Computing..

What will Service Cloud do?

  • Service Cloud will capture customer-service conversations with the goal of empowering companies to leverage the expertise of partner sites, which include cloud platforms like Google, Facebook and, to customers, agents and partners, regardless of location or device.


  • Majority of customer conversation takes place in the cloud – So the Sales Cloud will make customer service consistent across all channels

“The Service Cloud is the first customer-service solution that empowers companies to join and manage all service conversations happening in the cloud,” said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of “This has been made possible through the emergence of native cloud-computing platforms like that are built to harness the power of other clouds like Facebook, Google and”

A New Customer-Service Model said the Service Cloud is vying to create a new model for customer service by joining two disconnected worlds. The Service Cloud captures and funnels information from inside the enterprise and in the cloud into the knowledge base.

The Service Cloud is made up of seven main components around the knowledge base to gather, distill and disseminate the expert knowledge found in the cloud to customers, agents and partners. Those components are ..

  • community
  • social
  • search
  • partners
  • phone
  • e-mail
  • chat

According to Gartner analyst Michael Maoz, the new generation of consumers trusts content created by peers. “This consumer expectation that they can create answers and content as part of a community will lead businesses and other organizations to adopt similar techniques to succeed,” he said. “Ultimately, organizations will have to change their singular emphasis on tools for agents to a broader strategy that also supports the role of community experts.”

“Customers are already sharing knowledge and having meaningful support conversations in the cloud with their community of friends and experts,” Hoban said. “ will allow us to join the conversation with this expert community to improve the way we serve our customers.”

Pricing & Availability

Service Cloud packages start at $995 per month, which includes the ability to create an online customer community with unlimited usage for up to 250 customers, set up a contact center with up to five agents, connect with native cloud-computing sites like Facebook and Google, and invite up to five partners to participate in the service cloud.


Written by hermit

January 16, 2009 at 3:14 am

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