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Palm Pre Smart phones – Smart blend of iPhone & Blackberry

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Palm Pre Smart phones ….

Its a real smart move from Palm. It has taken the best features of 2 top sellers and created a product mashup..

...Palm has learned its lessons & also lessons from Apple. So what it did?

….It combined the Touch screen & QWERTY keyboard of Blackberry

….. Like the iPhone, the Pre features multi-touch and an accelerometer, so photos and videos switch between horizontal and vertical view when the phone is turned.

…….The area just below the touch screen, which would normally be considered dead space on most phones, is actually a gesture pad that allows the user to navigate menus and programs on the phone without touching the screen.The gesture pad comes in handy for the phone’s “Card” display system, which is similar to how windows are shown on a computer desktop.

……….Each application that is running, whether it’s the MP3 player or web browser, is displayed as a Card on the screen, and it can be rearranged just like windows on a computer.


Palm Pre Applications

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • carrier-assisted and stand-alone GPS
  • three-megapixel camera
  • PP also includes a universal search function where you type a few letters and you get suggestions (much like Google Suggest)

You can design a software for the  PP  and will be free to do so and won’t be required to seek Palm’s approval, as seen with others such as Apple.

The Pre can also be charged wirelessly when placed on a small puck-shaped magnetic induction device, which then plugs into the wall. The Pre interacts with the charger as well, so if a call comes in while the phone is being charged, it can be answered by just lifting it off the pad without pushing any buttons.


Written by hermit

January 16, 2009 at 9:09 am

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