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Now turn your iPhones into Electronic readers!

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Are you surprised? I am not. Like iPod, iPhone was sure to get richer in terms of new digital dimensions and interfaces.

Shortcovers  is planning to convert  iPhones into electronic books by month’s end with the release of a mini-application that lets people read books, short stories or other written works on Apple-made smart phones.

This is not going to be sweet to the ears of Amazon and Sony who already have launched electronic reading interfaces.

Shortcovers software will be available for free download after it clears Apple’s vetting process and makes it to the virtual shelves of iTunes online App Store.

“People aren’t reading less, they are reading differently,” Shortcovers User Experience Director Pamela Hilborn said while demonstrating the application at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

“Their attention spans are shorter.”


Shortcovers plans to make money selling best -selling books and other works to iPhone readers for 99 cents a chapter, with the first chapters free so people can look about for “their next great read,” according to Hilborn.

Shortcovers is a division of Canada-based Indigo Books & Music

From the Shortcovers blog

Shortcovers is a new digital destination for people to discover and
experience their next great read. Both an online and mobile service, it
gives readers instant access to the newest books, hottest authors, and
most popular magazines and blogs – as well as new content formats and
user-inspired writings such as subway novels and fan fiction. It’s not
just for avid readers, it’s for anyone who wants the convenience of
accessing and reading their favorite content, anytime, anywhere, on the
mobile devices they already own.


Written by hermit

January 11, 2009 at 7:22 am

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